Our Story

In the summer of 2014, while I was recovering at home from flu, a colleague of mine from work stopped by to see me. After chatting for a while, I offered to make her a special spice tea. I concocted a special blend of four tropical spices and sprinkled it on the tea. My friend loved the spice blend so much that she mentioned it to several other colleagues at work. Soon the news spread, and others wanted to taste it as well. I found myself making the spice mix for many colleagues at work. Some of them got very creative with the spice blend, and started using it on other food and drinks, such as yogurt, coffee and wine. The word spread even further to friends of my colleagues, and they started requesting samples of the spice mix as well. My colleagues encouraged me to package the spice in small bottles, give it a name and start selling it commercially. This is how SpiceNectar® was born.